I walk almost everyday, for exercise. Most people like to take cars, but I don't like cars. I walk, like a tourist, ha!

I go from my house in Bourj Hammoud to my husband's work. He has a plumbing shop, he is alone there, so I go to visit or sometimes to help him work.

I like to have somebody to walk with me, but my kids are all grown up and away. Now two of them are in Qatar and my daughter works at a bank in Beirut.

Point A: Armenian food is very rich in Beirut. Here on the right is one of the Armenian restaurants, it is very good. But I cook at home, I'm almost vegetarian!

Point B: This is the hospital. Behind here is the place where my three children were born during the war.

Point C: The construction for new buildings. They have been working for many years already because of the archaeology. They move the good things to the side for the archaeology and they continue building.

Point D: There are many restaurants and pubs on Gemayzeh Street, but here is Sayfe Street, there are not many. Only here, there is one sandwich shop, very good sandwiches.

submitted by FE, 64 year old housewife
1 hour, on foot, five times a week