Since I'm a freelancer I mostly work here from Younes café. I live around the area and walk by the bakery on Abdel Aziz Street and get to enjoy every morning the smell of fresh manakeesh being made. It reminds me of the days when I used to live in Ceaderland residences which is close by and how I use to live off this bakery. I also pass by the Geffinor, which is a place I used to frequent a lot as a student as I would just sit there to study. I always found that place quite fascinating, and have always really liked it. As a matter of fact it's one of my favorite spots in Beirut. Many restaurants and cafés remind me of my previous relationships such as Pasta Di Casa and Bread Republic. I would also point out the Corniche in my route as I run there every day. During the day I tend to work in open spaces and outdoor cafés because it allows to work more efficiently. However at night, I usually go to T-Marbouta which I love because to me it's always felt very authentic be it with its library or even the space itself.

submitted by IN, 24 year old male