An ignition point where I randomly may park my car somewhere.

Noises, noises, noises surround the area. Industrialism behavior if I may call it besides the winds of exhausts flushing through my nose. I turn the music and drive the way ignoring the outside but can't resist!

Rushing people from everywhere, I sometimes wonder where the hell they are going, should we all get there on the same time? There is waiting for them so we all get stuck waiting to pass the ways on the seaside or the main highway its all the same with a different view. I will slip my tea and have a cigarette forced to open the window and let city senses inside but for so long I will prefer to listen to the muzak!

Downtown Beirut! Concrete buildings block your vision, seeking a runaway view here and there. Wait till I get to the top of somewhere and sea the sky and the mountains again, meanwhile I will seek a place to park, take a short walk and climb up there.

submitted by WS, 29 year old male photographer
20-40 min, by vehicle, five times a week

soundtrack: Plaid's "Eyen" and Murcof's "Cometa"