My home, my meeting point morning and night. The street makes me feel safe, the view out of my window used to be my favorite: in crowded Beirut an old house, villa, with trees that i used to see every morning evening or night, it inspired me: now gone, demolished to become a boring parking space.

Hamra: simply me living, it's my route whenever i am going i pass there, it's like a magnet, crossroad, it's where i shop, where i have breakfast, where i cruise, where my friends live, where i have coffee, where i do meditation, where i buy my shoes, my accessories, my bags, where i got and always will get drunk and dance, where i had my big car accident, where my pharmacy is located, where i bought my favorite glasses, where i work and make a living, where i protest, where i dream, where i fall in love, where i say hello to every person on the street, where i have my after midnight mankousheh; simply it's where i breath.

My escape Manara: the sea i grew up there Long Beach resort. My childhood, my summers even winters manara road where i escape and stop thinking, enjoy (walking/biking) the warmth, the sun brings me to life.

submitted by SS, 26 year old female, communication manager | time varies, on car, everyday