Taking photos in Bourj Hammoud required that I first talk to my father, who without any doubt wanted me to choose another route, like Gemayzeh, for example.

The municipality of Bourj Hammoud legalized my request for permission to take photos. It took seven days to get that piece of paper. The plan was that a policeman should escort me in order to be protected from eventual interdiction from the government's police or others.

I didn't need an authorization to take photos on Armenia Street. But I just could not understand why I would need a permission to photograph the street where my grandparents and parents live and trade.

My work was fast and premeditated. I wish I was more comfortable and spontaneous. The people were very cool and welcoming.

The original route can be traced here.


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This project was developed during the rePLACE Beirut workshop in April 2011.
Prohibition, Permission, Probation
Maral Der Boghossian