I haven't reconciled with this city yet... Even though I love it and have never tried to move out, I have not reconciled yet with Beirut... And I have come to realize that Beirut is a shallow woman. She has been traumatized in an ugly war, she is disfigured.

But the war is over, and Beirut has chosen not to deal with her injuries — only nip and tuck what shows. Beirut spent millions to fix her appearances and the scars on her exterior surfaces, but never tried to regain her soul. The soul of Beirut is stuck in a small box away in an ugly, dark place. Beirut healed the symptoms of her scars but never digged to heal the cause. Beirut never reconciled with Beirut! And the minute she looked trendy and attractive to a higher class of people she denounced her own... She denounced her own people, those who were there when she was hurt and ugly, to embrace those who left her behind or even scarred her!

Beirut was taken by the spotlights of physical appearances trading her cultural image, her inclusive spirit, her survival...

The chaos that Beirut has hovering in her core took me by storm. It made me lose all organization I had planned for the project. Finding myself talking and talking about Beirut with a friend. Realizing that whatever image is portrayed about Beirut on TV is fictional and not real. The nation is in denial. Thus I have combined a set of fictional images with the sounds of the real Beirut.

This route is based upon Lina's walk from her home to her boyfriend's apartment and later, a cafe in Hamra.


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This project was developed during the rePLACE Beirut workshop in April 2011.
Lina Sahab