Hamra. My first route :) from the hospital in Wardieh street to home, Sadat Str. Hospital khoury that is abandoned now to be demolished soon.

Home, where a small old lebanese house was where i used to play opposite to our building. we used to wake up hearing the voice of the rooster! but of course now its a tall cold bldg. weekends we used to go to Rawda a huge space on the beach, a cafe. when older we used to enjoy a cold beer on the sea fortunately the space is not gone but the beer is! and the screen of soap operas invaded the space.

For an afternoon coffee break or happy hour one would usually check, Modca, wimpy, horseshoe, sofar, Smuggler's inn or Chez Andre (where Brigite Bardo and Aznavour used to hang out in Lebanon) but now there are all either closed due to a crazy rise in rents or turned into multinational food or clothes chains..

Lebanon has lost its original identity adopting a more cold and anonymous one.

By routing is by all means dangerous, by bike you get crushed by the cars, by car you loose a lifetime on the road, by foot you risk a nervous breakdown from horns and street noise..For my route i use all three ways.

submitted by LS, 28 year old female, working in social development | 20 min, on foot, motorcycle or public transport, everyday