Starting from Hamra, the walk lets the eyes climbing up along the facades to look underneath these balconies, seeking what is basically overhanging the streets : balconies but also loggias, concrete slabs, verandas, arcades, galeries, covered front steps...etc. What we will call "balcony" is any kind of structure, architectural element, temporary construction, any type of overhang, any kind of constructed space located above ground. It's about how to live outside without being seen, being protected from the danger of external eyes, of the roughness of sun, the path of bullets... Behind the "balconies" the heart of city beats, behind the balconies the city fought. The walk ends at the feet of these beautiful Starco helical stairs which bring you to the roof of the building, from which you can overlook the city of balconies.

Le Balcon
submitted by ES, 40 year old male artist
40 min, on foot, three times